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One wants to tell a story, like Scheherezade, in order not to die. It’s one of the oldest urges in mankind. It’s a way of stalling death.

Carlos Fuentes (via maxkirin)

I started to submit when I was twelve, and obviously at that time they weren’t good enough, and I suppose in my heart of hearts I knew it. But you have to start sooner or later, you have to dig in.

Stephen King (via writingquotes)

Of all man’s instruments, the most wondrous, no doubt, is the book. The other instruments are extensions of his body. The microscope, the telescope, are extensions of his sight; the telephone is the extension of his voice; then we have the plow and the sword, extensions of the arm. But the book is something else altogether: the book is an extension of memory and imagination.

Jorge Luis Borges (via observando)

(via libraryshelves)